Past Expeditions

    December 2017 Expedition
Laas Geel, Somaliland

Immediately after the Uweinat expedition with Magdi we made a quick exploratory trip to the magnificent rock art sites of Laas Geel in Somaliland before returning to Europe. Both the conditions and the sites themselves surpassed all expecations, we will definitely plan a longer return to see more of the country.

    November 2017 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat, Sudan

Our third Jebel Uweinat expedition organised from Sudan, a very enjoyable, problem and hassle-free voyage. We made several treks to the upper areas of the mountain, with some unusual new rock art finds and natural observations along the way.

    June 2017 Expedition
Brandberg - Erongo, Namibia

All our previous expeditions to Namibia have focused on Brandberg mountain, this year we also visited the Spitzkoppe and the hundreds of sites scattered about the Erongo mountains, finished off with a trek up the Naib Gorge at the Brandberg.

    March 2017 Expedition
Tadrart & Tassili n'Ajjer, Algeria

The Algerian Tadrart is one of the most beautiful desert landscapes on this Earth, not to mention the wealth of rock art sites. With the easing of travel restrictions in South Algeria we made a tour of the Tadrart, followed by another week of cherry picking some of the finest sites in the Central Tassili.

    January 2017 Expedition
Eastern Tibesti, Chad

Our second expedition to the amazing rock art sites of the Ouri Plain along the Eastern side of the Tibesti Mountains. This time we managed to reach further North, visiting all principal sites of the Enneri Borou and Enneri Borboré, making a major new discovery in the latter. The length and difficulty of both the onward and return journeys made this one of the most difficult Sahara expeditions we ever made.

    November 2016 Expedition
Tassili n'Ajjer, Algeria

We made our very first Sahara voyage together 25 years ago. In November we returned to Djanet to spend three weeks in the Tassili n'Ajjer as a re-make of this first voyage, re-locating several superb remote sites in the central and Northern Tassili.

    June 2016 Expedition
Brandberg, Namibia

A short but intense trip to the Brandberg to tick off a number of remaining blank spots, including the the lovely U20 site and the lower accumulation of sites in the Umuab Gorge, an ascent of Eros Gorge, plus some undocumented sites in Numas and Hungorob Gorges.

    January 2016 Expedition
Ennedi, Chad

A thoroughly enjoyable and very successful exploratory voyage to the Ennedi plateau in North Eastern Chad, visiting the extraordinary engravings of Niola Doa, also taking in a good measure of the rock art sites and spectacular landscape along the South Western edge of the plateau.

    November 2015 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat, Sudan

We completed a smooth hassle free expedition to Jebel Uweinat organised from Sudan, approaching Uweinat via Selima Oasis accross the South Libyan Desert. Things mostly went as planned, we spent a week in Karkur Talh and another couple of days at South Uweinat visiting the principal rock art areas, making several new discoveries.

    June 2015 Expedition
Brandberg, Namibia

This year's Brandberg expedition had a different format, we used camper cars to drive around the mountain and to gain access to the lower and middle accumulation of sites in a number of valleys. While most of the places were relatively easy to access, we did manage to see some very remote and unique sites in the lower altitudes of the mountain.

    January 2015 Expedition
Eastern Tibesti, Chad

In January 2015 we succeeded in reaching the immensely remote Ouri Plain along the Eastern side of the Tibesti Mountains. The plain is dotted with hundreds of rock art sites, among them some of the finest paintings in the entire Sahara, all placed in a surreal world of sandstone towers half submerged in golden sand. Being able to visit the region and the shelters of Karnasahi, Fofoda and others surely counts as the ultimate Sahara experience.

    November 2014 Expedition
Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria

In November we made a two week expedition to the central part of the Tassili N'Ajjer, visiting the principal paintings near Iherir on the Tadjelahine plateau (Iheren, Tahilahi, Tikadouine) then trekking up the Wadi Djerat. We also had the opportunity to see some overlooked sites around Djanet and along the way, plus the Sabeiba Festival which coincided with he start of our trip.

    July 2014 Expedition
Upper Brandberg, Namibia

In July we were back to the Brandberg to make a diagonal trek totaling 60 kilometres accross the upper plateau, startng in Circus Gorge, traversing to the Orabes Plateau via much of upper Numas and Hungorob, and descending via the Sesaub Gorge (Basswaldrinne), seeing many of the remotest Upper Brandberg paintings never visited on previous trips.

    January 2014 Expedition
Tibesti Mountains, Chad

This expedition was 20 years in the making, ever since I have first set my eyes on photos of the mythical Tibesti Mountains deep in the centre of the Sahara. By the time we gained enough experience, the Tibesti rebellion was in full swing, and till recently the area was inaccessible to even the most intrepid travelers. Amazingly the tide has turned, presently the Tibesti is an island of calm in the rather turbulent surrounding desert. We had an amazing three weeks visiting all the important areas of this extremely remote area.

    June 2013 Expedition (2)
Upper Brandberg, Namibia

Immediately after the helicopter supported trip, we returned to the Brandberg for a nine day trekking expedition. The focus of this trip were the Norther gorges of Karoab, Umuab and Nuwuarib, making our way down the Tsisab, visiting a number of magnificent and very remote sites, even by Brandberg standards.

    June 2013 Expedition (1)
Upper Brandberg, Namibia

A fully helicopter supported expedition to see a good cross section of the principal sites on the mountain. We mostly visited sites seen on previous trips, but circumstances permitted a day of visiting remoter sites in the Circus Gorge.

    March 2013 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat from Sudan

With the approaches to Uweinat blocked from Libya and Egypt, I have been eyeing the route accross the South Libyan Desert for some time. Finally this March the plans converted to action, we had a thoroughly pleasant and successful trip to Jebel Uweinat starting from Khartoum, using local logistics.

    October 2012 Expedition
Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria

In october we returned to the Tassili N'Ajjer. While not all things went according to plan, in the end we had a splendid one week trek on the Tadjelahin Plateau of the central Tassili, visiting the amazingly beautiful sites of Iheren, Tahlahi and many others in the area.

    June 2012 Expedition
Upper Brandberg, Namibia

Immediately after the helicopter supported trip of early June, we returned to the Brandberg for a nine day trekking expedition, continuing to visit areas not seen on previous treks to the mountain. We managed to see a number of principal and lesser sites of the southern part of the Upper Brandberg which were bypassed on previous trips.

    May-June 2012 Expedition
Upper Brandberg, Namibia

This trip was organised at the instigation of friends and Uweinat veterans who wished to see the rock art sites of the Upper Brandberg, but lacked the necessary physical stamina for a trek. This time we have utilised a helicopter for the entire duration of our six day stay on the mountain, to re-supply and move us to the next campsites.

    October 2011 Expedition
Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria

We have re-visited the Tassili 20 years after our first journey, it still is "the most beautiful desert of all". During an eight day trek on the plateau we visited (and photographed) all of the principal sites of the Tamrit-Sefar-Jabbaren areas.

    June 2011 Expedition
Upper Brandberg, Namibia

We have returned to the Brandberg to continue where we left off last year, learning from our experiences. With more effective helicopter support, we managed to see most of the principal sites of the Western part of the Upper Brandberg.

    November 2010 Expedition
Western Uweinat from Libya

We returned to Libya after a long absence to explore the remaining "white spots" at western Jebel Uweinat. We had an unexpectedly hassle free and absolutely superb trip, making long treks on the granite part of the mountain resulting in a number of important new rock art finds.

    October 2010 Expedition
The Gilf Kebir & the Great Sand Sea

Something quite different for a change, this expedition focused on the WWII history of the Libyan Desert, retracing the Egyptian part of Almásy's Operation Salam route and visiting the numerous SDF and LRDG wrecks still littering the desert.

    June 2010, Namibia
The Upper Brandberg

Our first expedition to the rock art sites of the Upper Brandberg, a granite massif in Namibia showing remarkable similarities to Uweinat. A very tough but exciting trip that was long in the making, to be repeated each year.

    March 2010 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

A very pleasant and fruitful trip to Uweinat and the Gilf Kebir except for the weather. The week long windless heatwave at Uweinat, coupled with freezing mornings and a sandstorm later in the trip will be long remembered...

    November 2009 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

Return to Uweinat after a year and a half's absence. Our objectives were to ascend the summit, and explore some remaining blank spots in the upper areas of the mountain, all of which were met with spectacular results.

    February 2009 Expedition
The Gilf Kebir

A special trip organised with BC Archaeology Travel to visit the most important rock art sites of the Gilf Kebir. We did have some time for exploring, resulting in an interesting find in a tributary of Wadi Abd el Melik.

    March 2008 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

During the trip we visited the most important rock art localities in the Gilf Kebir and Jebel Uweinat. Traces of an astonishing amount of recent rainfall were observed all accross the Gilf Kebir, an area where except for a few isolated patches no fresh vegatation was oserved over the past ten years.

    October 2007 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

The expedition was organised primarily to explore unsurveyed parts of Jebel Uweinat. We did make some splendid rock art finds, however the highlight was to observe the aftermath of yet another summer rain, which left pools large enough to swim in all over the mountain.

    March 2007 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

A special trip organised with members of ARARA (American Rock Art Research Association) to visit the most important rock art sites at Uweinat and the Gilf Kebir. For the first time, a video camera was used to record sites and the trip.

    October 2006 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat

A private trip made with Liz & Jon Holmes to Uweinat, primarily to explore the unsurveyed 'blank spots'. A highlight of the trip was the re-discovery of Winkler's site 75 in Karkur Murr, which surpassed all expectations.

    March 2006 Expedition
Total solar eclipse, Libya

The total solar eclipse of 29th March 2006, viewed from the centre of the great Libyan Sand Sea.

    October 2005 Expedition
Uweinat, Gilf Kebir & the Great Sand Sea

We witnessed at Uweinat the amazing transformation bought about by the rains a few weeks before. After exploring Uweinat, we continued north via Wadi Sora, the Aqaba pass and Wadi Hamra to the Great Sand Sea, ending in Siwa.

    June 2005

The odd-one out, as this family trip was not made to the Libyan Desert, however the similarities of the desert and the rock art sites are remarkable. This account is a brief overview, to see what may be expected on a forthcoming trip to the rock art sites of the upper Brandberg.

    March 2005 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat

Instead of the cancelled Sudan trip, a two week trip was made principally to Jebel Uweinat, to continue exploration of the unknown parts. In the upper Wadi Wahesh a very rich group of paintings were found.

    November 2004 Expedition
Wadi Sora & Jebel Uweinat

After a brief stay at Wadi Sora a full week was spent exploring Eastern and Southern Uweinat, resulting in a number of new rock art sites.

    October 2004 Expedition
Uweinat, Wadi Sora & the Great Sand Sea

The classic itinerary visiting Uweinat, Kissu, Wadi Sora, all three "Zarzura" valleys in the Northern Gilf Kebir, then continuing north via the Libyan Desert Glass area to Siwa, crossing the Great Sand Sea.

    March 2004 Expedition
Uweinat, Wadi Sora & the Great Sand Sea

Stayed for a week at Karkur Talh. Found three new sites at Jebel Kissu, explored the Hassanein Plateau finding a huge shelter with paintings. On the return we stopped at Wadi Sora, and crossed the Great Sand Sea to Siwa.

    November 2003 Expedition
Wadi Sora & Karkur Talh

A special trip was organised for a small group to visit all major known rock art sites in the Wadi Sora & Karkur Talh areas. Some time was spent exploring unknown areas of the western Gilf Kebir & Uweinat, with exciting results.

    October 2003 Expedition
Jebel Arkenu & Uweinat

A repeat of our 2001 November itinerary, exploration of Arkenu, Karkur Irdiss and Karkur Ibrahim. Several new rock art sites found at Western Uweinat.

    February 2003 Expedition
Great Sand Sea, Gilf Kebir & Uweinat

Traversed the Great Sand Sea south from Siwa, explorations in the Silica Glass Area and along the western Gilf, new rock art sites near Wadi Sora and in Karkur Talh, two day trek to investigate the mysterious "White Blob"

    October 2002 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

Dozens of new rock art sites discovered at Karkur Talh, ascent of Jebel Uweinat from the North, exploration of the western side of the "Unnamed Plateau", a spectacular new shelter with paintings in the Western Gilf

    March 2002 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

Wadi Bakht, new discoveries at Karkur Talh, exploration of the main wadi of the "Unnamed Plateau", new rock art sites near Wadi Sora and in Wadi Abd el Melik

    November 2001 Expedition
Jebel Arkenu & Uweinat

First trip to Uweinat from Libya, ascent of the mountain, new rock art sites, discovery of the SAAF Blenheims forced landing sites

    March 2001 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

Ard al Akhdar, rediscovery of Winkler's site 81 at Karkur Talh, new rock art sites in Karkur Murr and near Wadi Sora, "Chianti Camp", Bagnold's Stone Circle

    November 2000 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

Egyiptian officialdom surpassed worst expectations, but things turned out fine in the end. New sites at Karkur Talh, easy route discovered accross the Gap dunes

    March 2000 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat & the Gilf Kebir

First trip by FJ Expeditions, Karkur Talh rock art sites, accross the Gap dunes, Wadi Hamra, walk accross plateau top to Wadi Abd el Melik, Silica Glass

    November 1998 Expedition
Jebel Arkenu & Uweinat

Finally made it to Uweinat, exploration of Karkur Talh, Clayton's Craters, finding Kemal el Din monument, Wadi Sora, limping back with broken gearbox

    November 1997 Expedition
Regenfeld and Great Sand Sea

High hopes dashed by Luxor terrorist attack. Permits cancelled, we made a short foray into the Great Sand Sea, to Rohlf's cairn at Regenfeld

    1991 and 1993
Tassili N'Ajjer

We made our first serious desert ventures to the Tassili N'Ajjer in November 1991 (our honeymoon), and October 1993

    June 1981

My very first solo trip at the age of 17. Glimpses of a one week trip to Khartoum and the ancient sites of Naqa, Musawaret el Sufra and Meroë in the Bayuda desert

    October 1980
Kharga and Dakhla Oases

The first close encounter with the Libyan Desert. With two university friends we made a five day trip to Kharga and Dakhla, a quite formidable trip at the time.