General Sahara Sites

These sites offer information and travel advice for independent travelers on the whole Sahara region. Most have discussion forums where questions may be posted in any relevant topic:

The HUBB Sahara Travel Forum
The primary desert traveler information resource (moderated by Chris Scott, hosted by Horizons Unlimited), with threads covering all regions and aspects of Sahara travel. If you cannot find what you're looking for, this is the right place to ask...

Sahara Overland
(ran by Chris Scott, author of Sahara Overland) The main English language site on the Sahara, with country infos, practical information and news covering the region.

Sahara el Kebira
Italian site with many links and a large forum (mainly in Italian)

French sahara travel site

Klaus Därr's Sahara travel & Info site
The site contains much practical information & advice, including up-to-date country reports, route descriptions, equipment, etc. (in German)

The 153 Club website
Run by Jim Mannn Taylor, the site contains a wealth of information on the peoples, art & history of the Sahara, though mainly focused on the western parts.

Libyan Desert travel sites
A photo site by Bernhard Lörsch on our 2002 October trip to Jebel Uweinat and the Gilf Kebir.
A photo site by Bernhard Lörsch on our 2001 November trip to Jebel Arkenu & Uweinat from Libya.
A site by Bernhard Lörsch on the Libyan Desert (in german) containing many photos from our 2000 March trip. Links lead to Bernhard's other sites on the Sahara.
The personal site of Kit Constable Maxwell, with an account of our 2002 October trip to Uweinat and the Gilf Kebir.
A fabulous site by Georg Zenz on his saharan travels, including some photos from our 2002 March trip.

Desert Locust survey to Jebel Uweinat, Libya
A beautiful photo essay of a trip to Arkenu & Uweinat, January 2001, by Keith Cressman, locust forecasting officer of FAO.

Padova Fuoristada
The website of Stefano Laberio Minozzi, with accounts of a trips to the Great Sand Sea and the Gilf Kebir in 1999 and 2002, a trip to South Libya in 2000, and several other trips in the Sahara.
Superb website by Alessandro Menardi Noguera on his travels, including an extensive account of a trip to the Gilf Kebir in 2001.

Account of Peter Clayton's trips to the Gilf Kebir in 1998/99

Reinhart Mazur's incredible website on his travels in the Sahara, Africa, Arabia and Central Asia. Reindhart has crisscrossed the sahara over 20 times, making several trips to the Libyan Desert. Many trips have full accounts, accompanied by many photos.
Egyptian desert enthusiast, Ahmed Badr's lovely photo site on the Oases of the Western Desert.

Saharan Rock Art & Archaeology

Carlo Bergmann's Discoveries

Carlo Bergmann's new website providing for the first time some detail on his amazing discoveries along the "Abu Ballas trail", including detailed description of "Djedefre's Water Mountain" and exciting new finds in the same area. These discoveries are among the most important ever made in the Libyan Desert, and will require a complete rethinking of the early dynastic settlement of the oases, and offer new insight into the influence of the desert peoples in the formative years of the Egyptian civilisation. The site is mostly in german, but there is an excellent english summary, and the many photos have english captions.

Note: some of the conclusions presented on the site are open to debate, and there had been a sad rift between the German archaeological community in Egypt and Carlo Bergmann, the background of which I am not aware of. By posting this link, I acknowledge Carlo's discoveries, however I do by no means support or endorse any of the arguments and controversies from either side, in which I wish to remain impartial until I hear the details from both sides !

Amis de l'Art Rupestre Saharien

International association of professional and amateur Saharan rock art researchers.

Sahara Journal

Scientific journal dealing with Saharan rock art, archaeology and pre-islamic history.


The Institute, associated with the University of Cologne, has been conducting research and archaeological fieldwork in the Libyan Desert for over 20 years, focusing on Egypt's Western Desert, and North-western Sudan.

Trust for African Rock Art

TARA aims at creating public awareness about the wide distribution and variety of rock paintings and engravings throughout Africa.

Tassili N'Ajjer - The Most Beautiful Desert of All

My other website, dealing with the rock art sites of the Tassili N'Ajjer in Southern Algeria.

The Followers of Horus

A section of David Rohl's website ( detailing the Eastern Desert Survey. During several season's work, many new engravings were discovered, and most of the sites recorded by Hans Winkler in 1937-39 were relocated and documented. The site contains both formal reports, and personal accounts of the expedition participants.

LRDG & WWII History

The LRDG Preservation Society

The "official" LRDG site, run by Jack Valenti.

LRDG Germany

An English language site run by Sven Schwarz, with a multitude of photos of all vehicles and equipment used by the LRDG. Has a discussion forum.

  Leslie McIver

Leslie Angus McIver was a Trooper in the LRDG T & T2 patrols. The site, maintained by Jean McIver, contains many unpublisehd photos.

Flora & Fauna

Sahara - Nature

A superb new website by Nadia on the flora and fauna of the Sahara.

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

A huge website that contains an e-book with an exhaustive compilation of species (including illustrations) recorded in Israel. There is an almost complete overlap with the species recorded in the Libyan Desert, an invaluable tool for identifying species.

The Granger Papers Project - Fayum Diaries

An outstanding website by Vin Morgan detaling the 1907 expedition of the New York Museum of Natural History to the Jebel Qatrani to the North West of Birket Qarun (Fayoum lake) area, to the Eocene fossil beds, based on the expedition leader's personal diary.

Please let me know if I have missed any sites that should be listed here !