László Almásy's writings in English

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I currently have several copies of the original 1934/1937 Hungarian editions of "Unknown Sahara" and "In Air... on Sand...". Check out the Books Available page for details.

Almásy's complete works on CD (Released September 2008)

The complete english translation of "The Unknown Sahara" and "In Air...on Sand", complete with added paragraphs from "Recentes explorations...", the SNR article "Bir Bidi", the transcript of 1942 Operation Salaam diary, some chapters from "With Rommel's Army in Libya" and a partial translation of Széchenyi's "Hengergö Homok" (Rolling Sands). The text is supplemented with the complete set of original photos from ALL of Almásy's published works, plus other historical sources as well as my own photos of places mentioned in the narrative. There are several explanatory notes and copies of historical records to supplement Almásy's own writings, making this compilation the most complete resource on Almásy's Libyan Desert activities.

EUR 50  /  USD 80  /  GBP 40

The Unknown Sahara (PDF file, text only, NOT the original book!)

Franklin, Budapest, 1935

The second book of Almásy to appear in the Hungarian Geographical Library series, containing accounts of expeditions to the Libyan Desert from 1929 to 1934. This book formed the core of the later French and German editions.
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EUR 25  /  USD 40  /  GBP 20

In Air...On Sand (PDF file, text only, NOT the original book!)

Franklin, Budapest, 1937

This book is really the continuation of "The Unknown Sahara", containing accounts of expeditions from 1931 to 1935. About half of the chapters appeared in the 1939 German "Unbekannte Sahara".
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EUR 22.50  /  USD 36  /  GBP 18